March 16, 2020

Home Sweet Work

As of today, I've joined the hordes told to work from home, for an indefinite and probably lengthy period. It felt weird walking out of the office this evening. I may not see my colleagues in person again for weeks or months, people I've spent the bulk of my waking hours with for the last four years.

We are living through an extraordinary, historic time. This compares with 9/11 in momentousness, but is unfolding in slow motion, as farce. Imagine if Coronavirus was as deadly as Ebola? We've proven ourselves unready. I hope we learn something.

So, a few resolutions to keep me sane over the next several weeks:

  • My home office is "work". Outside of my home office is "home". The two shall be kept separate.
  • I'll get up, shower, run and otherwise prepare for work like I'm going to the office. No working in my PJs.
  • Get as much social time as feasible, in whatever way possible. We're going to make liberal use of Facetime, WhatsApp, Slack and Zoom. This is what social media is really made for, not just something to stare mindlessly at while standing in queues.
  • I'm not going to pull up the drawbridge. I'll be at the (already very busy) food bank each Saturday, and checking in on the neighbours, as long as I'm healthy.

Keep calm. Carry on.

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